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Free kitchen design consultation

Choose an in-store or virtual design consultation

Our free kitchen design consultations turn your ideas into reality with 3D designs, kitchen floor plans and a tailored quote. Giving you the right support and information to plan your dream kitchen then make it a reality.

What to expect on the day

What will we discuss?

Our designers will create bespoke 3D designs of your new kitchen, taking into account everything from tech and style, to positioning and materials.

They’ll also talk through the latest trends and classic styles to make it feel more ‘you’.

How long will it take?

Your design consultation will take two hours where your consultant will create a bespoke plan to make the best use of your space, using our 3D planning tool.

We offer a follow-up consultation to talk through your quotation and develop your plan.

What do I need?

To make the most of your design consultation, you’ll need your room measurements to create a kitchen floor plan.

This includes door and window locations, plus electric, gas, water and drainage points for an accurate design.

Not quite ready for a design consultation?