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Free kitchen ideas & inspiration consultation

Choose an in-store or virtual inspiration consultation

An inspiration consultation is great if you’re just starting to think about kitchen ideas. Our experts will talk you through everything from materials, to styles, to technology, giving you fresh inspiration to create your dream space.

What to expect on the day

What will we discuss?

Our experts will inspire you with door, unit and appliance samples. We’ll discuss the latest kitchen trends and how to bring them to life with everything from colour to style, including modern and country kitchen ideas.

We'll also show you the latest technology for you to get the most from your new kitchen.

How long will it take?

Inspiration appointments are one hour long. In that time we’ll explore kitchen inspiration based on your likes and dislikes.

We’ll also give you an option to book a follow-up session to start planning your new kitchen.

What will I need?

No need to bring anything with you at this stage, but If you already have ideas on trends and styles you like, feel free to bring them along.

Looking for a full kitchen design instead?